When we organise an incentive tour, we give participants time. For entertainment, adventure, leisure and commitment.

Our Najs story

With more than 13 years in incentive travel, we have hundreds of trips, thousands of interactions, smiles and anecdotes under our belt. We have also experienced all facets of tourism, including carelessly discarded nearly full bottles of water, crowded aquaria, the popularity of shady wildlife centres, or photos of people taken without their permission.

can change the way

On our way back to Poland, we were often confronted with nagging questions.

How to travel to generate benefits for everyone? How to make such travelling the standard in the future? Is it possible at all in case of incentive travel?

Luckily, as it transpires, similar questions were also asked by many clients and participants of incentive trips.

you see the world

The answer is najs.world – because we care about the planet and its inhabitants. Discover the world of najs, packed with energy and good practices.

Let’s create another journey together!

Urszula Nowak & najs.world Team