How we 
do it?

Each of our signature programmes touches on at least one out of three thematic areas.

We integrate our presence with protection of humans and nature to encourage new behaviours.

  • Waste

    We do not provide water in disposable bottles and plastic cups.

    We distribute inscribed documents in returnable recycled bags, and our luggage tags may be reused time after time. We are also committed to reusable branding materials.

    We promote farm to table & 0 km food philosophy. We make sure that snacks and picnics are prepared for us by local hosts in Portugal, the Balearic Islands, or Bali and other countries.

  • Social

    Whilst planning a trip for your group, we guarantee social and economic benefits for local communities. We collaborate with suppliers on fair terms and conditions.

    We opt for small businesses and we steer clear of chains with foreign capital in order to support local entrepreneurs.

    We make time to explore systemic projects operated locally – some of them contribute to women’s empowerment, others include educational and professional programmes for youths and specific social groups in Mexico, Kenya, South Africa, Madagascar, and other countries. We ignite curiosity of visitors and locals, and make sure that the meeting is unforgettable for everyone, not just our participants.

  • Nature

    We opt exclusively for highlights that do not exploit wildlife for economic gain.

    We work with verified organisations for regenerative agriculture, marine conservation and endangered terrestrial species in Costa Rica, Peru, Hawaii, and other countries.

    We promote rail travel, and cover some legs of our journeys on comfortable trains. Some of our trips involve railway only.